Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

The Voyage of Dante Aboard the Scurvy Scorn

After arriving back in port on the 28th of Eleasias, the party finds that Caylinne has been unable to contract a ship for the transport of the freed Maztican slaves back to Maztica. Dante takes it upon himself to provision the Scurvy Scorn for a long voyage to Maztica to deliver the slaves back to their homeland and to possibly find the Rundeen lair near Maztica. With over a dozen freed slaves aboard the ship and a full crew, they set sail on the 29th of Eleasias. This will be a voyage of five months for the round trip plus some time to hunt down the location of the Rundeen headquarters. It is unlikely that Dante could return to the Moonshaes before the end of the month of Alturiak in year 1389 DR, The Year of the Forgiven Foes. The end of Hammer could be possible if the Rundeen lair is immediately located upon Dante’s trip to Maztica.

(As a sidenote, Dante has failed his acceptance check in the Southern Moonshaes. He is accepted aboard his ship, the Scurvy Scorn, within the tavern called The Adventuring Fiend in Cantrev Wyngate, and within Flamsterd’s Underwater Realm, but nowhere else; mostly due to his fiendish appearance.)



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