Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Casnus (Shoken) and Maddock - 21st through 30th of Eleasias

Shoken and Maddock set sail on The Grief of the Deceipt on the 21st of Eleasias. It was less than two days later when they were nearing Dragon Head when their ship was attacked by a Northmen raiding ship. The ship’s crew and captain were completely overwhelmed by the barbaric sea raiders.

With the aid of the Shadow Thief agent they were pledged to protect, Amra Eveningfall, and her majordomo, a sorcerer named Retelemont, the four were able to hide themselves aboard the ship until in came into harbor at the Castle of Skulls a day later. They slipped off of the ship by darkness of night.

The four began backtracking along the coast in a westward direction until they came back to Cantrev Wyngate on the 30th of Eleasias.

An odd reunion of sorts put Amra, Retelemont, and Tarse into contact with one another. They pledged to try the next ship out of town back to Athkatla once again. Shoken also bespoke a preference for joining them on this journey.

Maddock felt he had little choice but to avoid another lengthy trip away from Cantrev Wyngate or else risk missing the completion of his Cathedral of Battle Glory. Maddock met Ethne and Caylinne at The Dead Hound on the evening of the 30th of Eleasias to swap tales.



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