Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Flashback to Eleasias 18th

Two escaped slaves of the Red Wizards of Thay made a long journey of escape from the lands of Thay over months and months to arrive in port in Cantrev Wyngate on the 18th of Eleasias. Dante, a Rakshasa-blooded tiefling and Zhosaos, an Oread barbarian knew only that they wanted to flee to the furthest corner of Faerun to avoid further entanglement with their prior masters.

Left with little money, they walked the streets of Wyngate with impolite stares from the folk of the city due to their outlandish appearances and questionable heritages. During their first stop in the Dead Hound, Dante was rudely turned away from the inn. They did find a welcome at The Adventuring Fiend from the ex-adventurer half-orc proprietor, Eugadeistophe. Having found welcome, they lavished money upon the half-orc owner in an attempt to provide funds to allow him to fix the place up a bit, since the tavern seemed ill-used. Eugadeistophe responded that they would be welcome to make The Adventuring Fiend their home for a season.

The pair began asking around about potential adventuring opportunities to bring in much-needed funds and to begin building new lives for themselves. Two days of advertising their desires for adventuring, along with drinking and carousing, had them crossing paths with Ethne and Pale on the 20th of Eleasias.



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