Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Eleasias 22nd through 25th

Ethne, Dante, and Zhosaos hatch a plan to investigate the Scurvy Scorn. They strip Ethne of most of her gear other than her armor and several daggers hidden upon her body. Then they cloak her and bind her loosely to give the appearance that Dante and Zhosaos are delivering her as a slave captured by the kobolds of the Llyrath Forest.

The Scurvy Scorn pulls in to port and docks.

Simultaneously, unknown to the rest of the party, Pale is also lurking about the boardwalk when they try to pull off their ruse.

With the gang plank lowered, Dante and Zhosaos are met by a Rundeen thug that asks them if this one slave is all that the kobold and goblin tribes were able to procure. They affirm this, and then the thug states that Kress will not be pleased and that the two of them can break this news to Kress on their own. The three party members make their way up onto the Scurvy Scorn. A pair of Rundeen thugs take ownership of Ethne with one of them placing a heavy hand on her shoulder preparing to stow her under deck with the other Maztican slaves that they have below. Another thug ushers Dante and Zhosaos into the captain’s quarters off the main deck.

Pale fastens a grappling hook onto the ship and lowers herself into one of the main cabins off the main deck beneath the rear of the ship. She hides herself in one of the beds found within that room.

Dante and Zhosaos are met by Kress, the Yuan-ti captain of the slaver ship and battle erupts immediately. Kress steps back to cast True Strike. Ethne drops her fake bonds and begins doing battle with the thugs on the main deck. An alarm is struck on the ship and several more thugs from below deck pile up onto the main deck for a total of six thugs.

Pale climbs through a port hole in the cabin to rise up onto the aft deck near the wheel and makes her way up to the railing overlooking the main deck.

Zhosaos and Dante trade heavy blows with Kress with Zhosaos sustaining a lot of damage from Kress’s punching dagger and fangs, but Zhosaos resists being poisoned. They eventually drop the Yuan-ti captain with a mighty blow from Zhosaos while Dante handles several thugs that have pushed their way into the capatain’s quarters. Ethne and Pale make short work of the remaining thugs on the main deck.

While the party of four are performing cleanup of the bodies of the thugs, discussing what to do with the bodies, and reasoning that they can’t just immediately pull up anchor and leave, Ethne spots a familair face on the dock nearby.

Dante quickly buys off the crew gaining their loyalty and having them declare him their new captain.

Ethne has a discussion with Caylinne on the boardwalk away from the ship. Caylinne flashes a silver harp pin to Ethne and requests her help in figuring out where these slavers were going to drop their cargo. She also warns of war drums of the Northmen beating. The Northmen see Queen Alicia’s acceptance of the founding of Sarifal as a sign of weakness, so they are poised to attack The Ffolk breaking their uneasy treaty. They want to take all of the Moonshae Isles as their own. Caylinne tantalizes Ethne with the offer of potential acceptance into the Harpers if she is able to find where the slaves were going to.

Back aboard the ship, the party finds four Cloaks of the Manta Ray, a captain’s journal, and other interesting treasure items among the captain’s belongings. They also find that the ship is equipped with a magical navigation device which can be set to navigational coordinates that allows the ship to sail itself to the intended destination. Of course, this still requires a full crew to run the ship, and when in dangerous waters the ship has to be manually directed to avoid reefs, sandbars, and to dock properly. The ship’s next coordinates are already set for its next destination, which will put the ship at approximately the location of Flamsterd’s Sunken Tower.

Ethne continues her conversation with Caylinne privately as they return to the ship. The information in the captain’s log is relayed to Ethne with Caylinne standing nearby as well as the discovery of the Maztican slaves below in the hull. Caylinne promises to do her part to get the Maztican slaves safe passage back to their homeland if the party researches the Tower of Flamsterd, since Flamsterd hasn’t been heard from much during the prior weeks and she suspects foul play.

The Scurvy Scorn sets sail on the 23rd. By the 25th, the ship is approaching the location of Flamsterd’s Tower. A dark ship is spotted on the horizon heading westward away from the Scurvy Scorn’s destination.

The ship stops above Flamsterd’s Sunken Tower. The party of four don the Cloaks of the Manta Ray and view the air dome-covered village and Tower of Flamsterd from above. They float down to the depths and enter the air dome. The village surrounding Flamsterd’s Tower is deserted. There are some signs of struggle and bloodshed within the village. When they arrive at the area near the base of Flamsterd’s Tower, they find that it is guarded by scaly humanoids with long fish tails, webbed and clawed hands, and sharp toothy maws. None of the party can identify these for what they are, sahuagins.



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