Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Eleasias 20th, second foray into Kobold Caverns

Ethne and Pale make contact with Dante and Zhosaos at the Adventuring Fiend. Not wasting any time, they decide to make another foray into the kobold caverns in the Llyrath Forest immediately, especially since Pale seems extremely anxious to be finished with this business north of town by the morning of the 22nd.

The four once again meet the half-orc thugs and kobold butchers that forced Ethne and Pale to retreat earlier in the day. This time, though, with greater numbers, they had a resounding victory.

After removing locks and traps from several doors, they are faced with an algae-slicked set of stairs with water runnign down them that have murder hole grates on the vertical portions of the stairs where kobolds beneath the stairs can fire at individuals passing down the stairwell.

Dante takes the fallen corpse of one of the half-orc thugs and uses the body to slide down the stairs. At the base of the stairs, he finds that the far wall of the chamber is also riddled with murder holes where he begins taking on fire from kobolds hidden in an adjoining chamber.

Zhosaos finds a massive boulder in the caverns and rolls it down the stairwell. The boulder crashes into the far wall of the chamber where Dante is holding up, and it smashes the wall into rubble exposing the kobolds on the other side of their murder holes.

The kobolds swarm up over the pile of rubble, but they are no match for the four adventurers who use the rubble pile as a bottleneck to limit the amount of kobolds that they have to fight at one time.

Around several more bends, the group easily dispatches three half-orc thugs.

Further in, they finally find the chamber of the kobold chieftan. When they arrive, he is in conversation with several goblins about the lack of slaves that both groups are able to bring to someone named Kress. As the goblins leave, they sight the adventurers lurking in the hall. The goblins are dispatched, but not before alerting the kobold chieftan, his four bodyguards, two wolves sitting at his feet, and two of the Rundeen half-orc thugs at his side. A long protracted battle ensues with the four adventurers being victorious.

The adventurers carry on with their excavation of the caverns slaying another squad Rundeen human thugs. The remaining survivor of the group is questioned, and the party finds out that the slaves that the group is supposed to be providing are to be handed over to Kress aboard a ship named the Scurvy Scorn on the evening of the 22nd of Eleasias. They slay the thug before moving on and taking out the remaining mob of kobolds within the caverns.

The party returns victorious from the Kobold Caverns late in the evening on the 20th of Eleasias.

They spend the 21st of Eleasias recuperating, selling items, purchasing supplies, and spending some of their hard-earned coins. Pale splits from the party since she has instructions to scout out the exact same ship from the Shadow Thief contact that had placed her in Cantrev Wyngate.



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