Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Eleasias 20th through 21st

The three adventurers depart the kobold caverns back to the safety of Cantrev Wyngate. The ship, Grief of the Deceipt, is pulling up anchor in the morning. Casnus had been told by others that the Moonshae Isles were a magical land filled with fey, which was what had drawn him to the islands to begin with. Having only found a forest overrun with kobolds, he has decided that he wants to take the escort job back to Athkatla on the mainland. He has had enough of The Moonshaes.

Maddock is torn. The Moonshaes are his homeland, and he feels that Tempus is guiding him to build a temple in Cantrev Wyngate to honor the god of battle glory, and to convert Ffolk followers of The Earthmother (aspect of Chauntea) to his worship. On the other hand, he led Casnus to this escort job, and it would provide much-needed capital to fund the building of his Cathedral of Battle Glory.

Ethne is still concerned with the kobolds and their depredations upon her halfling people in the village of Halbrook in the Llyrath Forest. Ethne is staying behind to continue the fight to exterminate the kobolds.

Maddock flips a coin to decide whether or not he goes with Casnus or Ethne. He decides to take the escort job with Casnus.

Maddock spends the rest of the day securing land and contracts to begin the construction of his future temple, while Casnus makes contact with a mysterious handler to take on the guard duties aboard the Grief of the Deceipt.

Ethne, suddenly without companions to aid her in exterminating the kobolds, spends a lot of time in the taverns and inns of Cantrev Wyngate advertising her interest in finding adventuring companions to continue her work in the Llyrath Forest.

Ethne makes contact with a stranger from Amn named Pale in the Clumsy Ogre Tap House. They set out for a foray into the kobold caverns. The two are immediately overwhelmed by a group of half-orc Rundeen thugs and several kobold butchers in the caverns, so they beat a hasty retreat back to Cantrev Wyngate in search of additional companions to aid with their cause.

Pale has additional concerns as she has been contracted by a contact within the Shadow Thieves to scout out a ship that is to due in to Cantrev Wyngate on the 22nd of Eleasias and to report her findings back to a contact that is to meet her later in the month in Wyngate. She has also been instructed that her employers do not care whether or not she has to spill blood upon the decks of the Scurvy Scorn to find out what the ship is all about.

Pale would really like to be done with the kobold diversion by the time the Scurvy Scorn pulls in to port on the 22nd.

Maddock concludes that his temple will be completed in 56 days. The round-trip voyage to Athkatla would take 44 days, so that gives him 12 spare days of leeway before he would need to be back in Wyngate to consecrate the temple in honor of Tempus.

Maddock and Casnus set sail on the 21st. Less than half a day out, they pass a massive Calishite galley called the Scurvy Scorn, on its way to Cantrev Wyngate. An additional two days into the voyage, though, their ship is set upon by Northmen raiders who have set up operations in the Castle of Skulls after having exterminated the curse on the castle that caused it to intermittently disappear and reappear. Aboard the Northman longship are contingents of reavers from the Pirate Isles as well as Rundeen functionaries. Casnus, Maddock, and their two newly-found companions that they were hired to guard manage to hide aboard the ship until it pulls in to dock at the Castle of Skulls. The pirates have taken Grief of the Deceipt as one of their own ships. The four companions leave Grief of the Deceipt and begin lurking about the fringes of the Castle of Skulls.



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