Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Eleasias 15th to 16th, 1388 DR

The adventurers rest and return to the caverns of the kobolds. Wending around and through several chambers where they are attacked from hidden murder holes by crossbow fire, they find themselves in a shrine dedicated to Kurtulmak where they continue to take crossbow fire from hidden murder holes in the chamber walls. Ethne robs the shrine of its black iron warhammer which the kobolds see as the holy weapon of their deity, while Casnus and Maddock work on the six kobolds that attack them from the east. After Ethne joins them, they quickly take out the small group of kobolds while continuing to take on sniper fire from the murder holes.

The party escapes the caverns once again to spend the night in Wyngate.

Returning the next day, the three adventurers discover that there is a network of hidden side tunnels that snake around all of the primary chambers of the kobold caves. After dealing with the lock and trap on a small, hidden portal into these side caverns, they proceed to have Ethne climb through the side passages using the light from Maddock’s light spell to trace her progress through the side tunnels. They are now wading through chambers with two feet of water approaching a roaring sound of falling water when Ethne finds another portal exiting the side tunnels. They deal with the trap on that door which was similar to the one on the first portal. From there, the three entered a passage to the left of the current hallway.

Maddock fell victim to a pit trap filled with spikes. Impaled by several spikes, one of them poisoned, he immediately fell unconscious within the pit as his two companions were beset by a mob of 20 kobolds armed with light crossbows and rusty short swords. Ethne and Casnus felt they had no choice but to abandon their companion Maddock. Beating a slow retreat, Ethne barely escaped with her life while Casnus also fell unconscious, within an inch of his life, to the swords of the mob of kobolds chasing after them.

Nearly a quarter of a mile out from the cavern entrance, Ethne found a place to hide and collapsed from fatigue and wounds.

Unfortunately for Ethne and the party, kobold search parties later that evening find her and bring her back to where Maddock and Casnus (Shoken) are chained to join them in chains. The chamber contains four other halflings from Ethne’s village of Halbrook. The female and two children are dead, but the fourth male halfling is on the edge of death. This happens to be the brother of Ethne’s childhood rival, Merin Grast, who also happens to be a mage due to their family tradition. This was one of Ethne’s prior adventuring companions.



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