Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Eleasias 14th through 15th, 1388 DR

The party of three adventurers set out the morning of the 14th of Eleasias to seek out the kobold lair. They had little trouble finding it because a small stream flows toward the lair and into the yawning cavern mouth that is the entrance to the demesne of the scaly monsters. Within, they were faced with eight kobold guards standing in water six inches to two feet deep around a rusted gong. Maddock led the way with an oath to Tempus. He slew one kobold with his battle axe but was downed by the flashing daggers of two kobolds. Ethne proceeded to take down five of the beasts with her hand axes while taking minor wounds. Casnus was also severely wounded but slew two of them himself, but not before they rang the gong. Ethne and Casnus dragged Maddock out of the cavern entrance just as a mob of sunlight-hating kobolds arrived. The kobolds were hesitant to escape out into the blinding sunlight. With some rest and healing spells from Maddock, they immediately returned to catch the kobolds off-guard. This time, they defeated six of the kobolds. The gong was rung again summoning a kobold horde, but this time, the rusted gong fell off of its holdings to splash down into the bed of the stream. The party thought it prudent to retreat to Wyngate for the day.

The next morning, they once again set off to continue whittling down the kobold forces within the Llyrath Forest. Again, they were faced with six kobolds standing guard duty at the entrance. Maddock again led the way with a battle cry only to be pierced by a pair of hurled javelins. Landing face up in the stream once again, he was down for the remainder of the battle while Ethne and Casnus made short work of the kobolds. Ethne sustained minor wounds. Slightly frustrated at their lack of ability to penetrate into the kobold lair, they retreated minutes away from the lair to rest and heal with Maddock being dragged in tow. Fully rested and healed, they are now contemplating strategies for attacking once again.



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