Forgotten Realms - The Moonshaes

Casnus (Shoken) and Maddock - 21st through 30th of Eleasias

Shoken and Maddock set sail on The Grief of the Deceipt on the 21st of Eleasias. It was less than two days later when they were nearing Dragon Head when their ship was attacked by a Northmen raiding ship. The ship’s crew and captain were completely overwhelmed by the barbaric sea raiders.

With the aid of the Shadow Thief agent they were pledged to protect, Amra Eveningfall, and her majordomo, a sorcerer named Retelemont, the four were able to hide themselves aboard the ship until in came into harbor at the Castle of Skulls a day later. They slipped off of the ship by darkness of night.

The four began backtracking along the coast in a westward direction until they came back to Cantrev Wyngate on the 30th of Eleasias.

An odd reunion of sorts put Amra, Retelemont, and Tarse into contact with one another. They pledged to try the next ship out of town back to Athkatla once again. Shoken also bespoke a preference for joining them on this journey.

Maddock felt he had little choice but to avoid another lengthy trip away from Cantrev Wyngate or else risk missing the completion of his Cathedral of Battle Glory. Maddock met Ethne and Caylinne at The Dead Hound on the evening of the 30th of Eleasias to swap tales.

The Voyage of Dante Aboard the Scurvy Scorn

After arriving back in port on the 28th of Eleasias, the party finds that Caylinne has been unable to contract a ship for the transport of the freed Maztican slaves back to Maztica. Dante takes it upon himself to provision the Scurvy Scorn for a long voyage to Maztica to deliver the slaves back to their homeland and to possibly find the Rundeen lair near Maztica. With over a dozen freed slaves aboard the ship and a full crew, they set sail on the 29th of Eleasias. This will be a voyage of five months for the round trip plus some time to hunt down the location of the Rundeen headquarters. It is unlikely that Dante could return to the Moonshaes before the end of the month of Alturiak in year 1389 DR, The Year of the Forgiven Foes. The end of Hammer could be possible if the Rundeen lair is immediately located upon Dante’s trip to Maztica.

(As a sidenote, Dante has failed his acceptance check in the Southern Moonshaes. He is accepted aboard his ship, the Scurvy Scorn, within the tavern called The Adventuring Fiend in Cantrev Wyngate, and within Flamsterd’s Underwater Realm, but nowhere else; mostly due to his fiendish appearance.)

Eleasias 25th through 26th

The five Shadow Thief agents, Randal Dundragon, Arveene Dundragon, Zanian, Tarse, and Elden entered the top level of the mid tower. There, they discovered three sahuagins, one which was an adept of considerable strength, guarding the chamber where an antimagic field orb was stationed. In the antimagic field room, they fought and slew a pair of advanced sahuagins. Zanian, the dwarven barbarian (also a Thayvian bounty hunter), smashed the antimagic field orb.

The five also continued their exploration of all of the parts of the tower that the prior adventuring group from Cantrev Wyngate had already tromped through.

They arrived at the roof of the Southern Tower four rounds after the aboleth’s victory over the party from Wyngate.

Dante had been healed up to 0 hit points which prevented him from doing much other than moving. Ethne was just about to deliver a coup de grace to Maskan Gaend at the direction of the aboleth due to Maskan resisting the dominate monster ability of the aboleth when the Shadow Thieves descended into the room to begin battling the aboleth. The aboleth cast veil upon itself, but was mostly unsuccessful with convincing the Shadow Thieves that he was a clone of the fallen Moon Elf sorcerer, Maskan. The aboleth was finished off by a dagger throw from Elden.

The Shadow Thieves then demanded out of Ethne that the Cantrev Wyngate party hand over all of their treasure. A long discussion ensued where the group finally decided to join forces temporarily to find Flamsterd (after Zanian had declared that he wanted to cash in on the bounty for Dante and Maskan, and several of his Shadow Thief companions rejected this idea). The joining of forces only occurred after Tarse psionically manipulated the Shadow Thief leader, Elden, to accept this agreement.

The party had Zanian open the door into the next chamber that led to a sky bridge that led back to the Central Tower. Unfortunately, inside were four regular sahuagin and four fourth level Slayer sahuagins waiting for them.

A long and protracted battle ensued. Zanian died from blood loss due to the Slayer bleed attacks as did Maskan Gaend. Randal Dundragon, the mildly insane Oracle of Mask also nearly died.

The party then rested until the morning of the 26th of Eleasias before opening the final door across the sky bridge to find a severely wounded Flamsterd shackled in the small cell room beyond.

The two parties settled their differences and the treasure equitably while returning all of the personal items found within the tower to Flamsterd. Flamsterd rewarded the group for saving him with gold value equivalent to the returned item’s value. Also, Tarse defected from the Shadow Thief group to join Ethne and Dante having completed the Shadow Thief mission to discover the whereabouts of Flamsterd (The Council of Six and the Shadow Thieves have an understanding currently that neither can afford to allow the Rundeen to topple Amn’s trade dominance and to that end, they saw Flamsterd as a stabilizing force in the Moonshae Isles and one worth putting back in place to check the power of the Rundeen).

Dante will keep the ship, the Scurvy Scorn, and is planning now to bring Ethne and Tarse back in to port in Cantrev Wyngate before sailing into the sunset (for now).

Eleasias 25th - Part II

The party began exploration of the second level of the tower of Flamsterd after discovering that their Oread Barbarian companion was actually a Moon Elf Sorcerer who had had experiments performed upon him by the Red Wizards to hid his true nature.

They began by quickly dispatching a pair of the sahuagin guards standing guard at the murder holes near the front gate after finding a stairwell down to the first level where they were stationed.

They then discovered a bloody battle scene with four dead sahuagins and a heavily cloaked Calishite rogue. In the next chamber, they ran into a group of five Shadow Thieves that had infiltrated the tower on their own using Stealth. Pale recognized a pair of the Shadow Thieves as prior associates from her days in Athkatla, but kept this information to herself. After some tense negotiations, the party let the group of burglars pass unmolested.

After searching through several more of the tower’s chambers, they heard sounds of life between a pair of doors. While the other party members hid in a room off of the main chamber, Pale chose another door to hide behind and let loose a thunderstone in the large central chamber. Three sahuagins, four Rundeen thugs, and an ex-Red Wizard of Thay working for the Rundeen entered the chamber and combat ensued. The party managed to defeat the group without much trouble.

Behind one of the doors where one of the sahuagins and the four thugs entered the central hall, they discovered cages with more Maztican slaves. They freed the slaves and escorted them back to their ship that was moored above.

They completed the exploration of the second level of the tower by taking out the other pair of sahuagins in the other murder hole area on the first level after finding the stairwell down to that first level chamber.

They began the exploration of the third level of the tower in the North Tower. They found an alchemical laboratory there with a forgotten familiar of the wizard Flamsterd. Before the quasit familiar told them of Flamsterd’s captivity in another tower, though, they found an odd chamber with an aerial servant guardian and a cursed minor artifact stowed away in a secret closet. Zhosaos (Maskan) fell afoul of the curse.

The quasit familiar led them to the South Tower entrance but claimed he could go no further.

The party then ran afoul of the aboleth guardian at the top of the third tower. Pale, Ethne, and Zhosaos (Maskan) were all hit with tentacle attacks. Ethne was dominated by the creature. Pale dropped dead from Constitution damage after a third tentacle attack. Ethne finished the aboleth’s dirty work by dropping Zhosaos (Maskan) and then Dante. After dominating both Maskan and Pale, he commanded Ethne to give them healing potions and then use all of their healing powers on himself.

Eleasias 25th

The band of adventurers slay the sahuagin guards of the ransacked Tower of Flamsterd near the main entrance, but not before two of the sahuagins could escape into the mantrap with murder holes manned by other sahuagins. The party was able to quickly move through the mantrap with little difficulty due to having allowed the escaping sahuagin guards from outside to open both portals within the tower.

In the main entrance chamber, though, the party was confronted by a Sea Drake guardian placed by the occupying sahuagins. After taking electrical damage, they were confronted by the sahuagin drake-handler on the same round that they took the drake down. The sahuagin also fell quickly. In the drake’s room, they found much monetary treasure along with six vials full of Universal Solvent.

The party explored through partially ruined aquarium and art gallery rooms. In the art gallery room, Pale let off a Thunderstone which quickly brought 10 sahuagins into the chamber from adjoining rooms. The sahuagins were dispatched with Ethne creating a wedge that the sahuagins had a difficult time penetrating.

The party then searched through more entry and dining chambers. They were able to avoid the rot grubs in a massive haunch of whale flesh parked on the center of the kitchen floors.

With one branch of the main floor explored, they returned to the central entrance chamber from the south and began exploring the northwest wing. They found an odd chamber filled with preserved remains of sentient water-based beings in tanks of fluids before finding the primary sleeping quarters of the sahuagin guards. On their way into the sleeping quarters, they passed through the latrine and refuse room which left Ethne and Pale nauseated and unable to be effective through most of this combat. It is also the time that Dante decided to go out on a limb on his own and press into the chamber with six sahuagins by himself. He was surrounded and left bleeding on the floor while Zhosaos entered the chamber from another direction. Zhosaos also went down just before Ethne and Pale were able to gather themselves and rejoin the battle. With half of the sahuagins already down, Ethne and Pale finished the three remaining wounded sahuagins off. They were able to save Dante and Zhosaos before either bled to death with healing.

With the northwest wing secured, they moved on to the final wing in the northeast. They discovered that this wing was a water-tight library, which had primarily been destroyed by the sahuagins except for a pair of magical scrolls and a book which detailed the construction of the dome over Flamsterd’s Tower (very valuable to the right buyer).

Now back in the main floor’s central chamber, the party is discussing which of the many stairwells to take upward into the towers above.

Eleasias 22nd through 25th

Ethne, Dante, and Zhosaos hatch a plan to investigate the Scurvy Scorn. They strip Ethne of most of her gear other than her armor and several daggers hidden upon her body. Then they cloak her and bind her loosely to give the appearance that Dante and Zhosaos are delivering her as a slave captured by the kobolds of the Llyrath Forest.

The Scurvy Scorn pulls in to port and docks.

Simultaneously, unknown to the rest of the party, Pale is also lurking about the boardwalk when they try to pull off their ruse.

With the gang plank lowered, Dante and Zhosaos are met by a Rundeen thug that asks them if this one slave is all that the kobold and goblin tribes were able to procure. They affirm this, and then the thug states that Kress will not be pleased and that the two of them can break this news to Kress on their own. The three party members make their way up onto the Scurvy Scorn. A pair of Rundeen thugs take ownership of Ethne with one of them placing a heavy hand on her shoulder preparing to stow her under deck with the other Maztican slaves that they have below. Another thug ushers Dante and Zhosaos into the captain’s quarters off the main deck.

Pale fastens a grappling hook onto the ship and lowers herself into one of the main cabins off the main deck beneath the rear of the ship. She hides herself in one of the beds found within that room.

Dante and Zhosaos are met by Kress, the Yuan-ti captain of the slaver ship and battle erupts immediately. Kress steps back to cast True Strike. Ethne drops her fake bonds and begins doing battle with the thugs on the main deck. An alarm is struck on the ship and several more thugs from below deck pile up onto the main deck for a total of six thugs.

Pale climbs through a port hole in the cabin to rise up onto the aft deck near the wheel and makes her way up to the railing overlooking the main deck.

Zhosaos and Dante trade heavy blows with Kress with Zhosaos sustaining a lot of damage from Kress’s punching dagger and fangs, but Zhosaos resists being poisoned. They eventually drop the Yuan-ti captain with a mighty blow from Zhosaos while Dante handles several thugs that have pushed their way into the capatain’s quarters. Ethne and Pale make short work of the remaining thugs on the main deck.

While the party of four are performing cleanup of the bodies of the thugs, discussing what to do with the bodies, and reasoning that they can’t just immediately pull up anchor and leave, Ethne spots a familair face on the dock nearby.

Dante quickly buys off the crew gaining their loyalty and having them declare him their new captain.

Ethne has a discussion with Caylinne on the boardwalk away from the ship. Caylinne flashes a silver harp pin to Ethne and requests her help in figuring out where these slavers were going to drop their cargo. She also warns of war drums of the Northmen beating. The Northmen see Queen Alicia’s acceptance of the founding of Sarifal as a sign of weakness, so they are poised to attack The Ffolk breaking their uneasy treaty. They want to take all of the Moonshae Isles as their own. Caylinne tantalizes Ethne with the offer of potential acceptance into the Harpers if she is able to find where the slaves were going to.

Back aboard the ship, the party finds four Cloaks of the Manta Ray, a captain’s journal, and other interesting treasure items among the captain’s belongings. They also find that the ship is equipped with a magical navigation device which can be set to navigational coordinates that allows the ship to sail itself to the intended destination. Of course, this still requires a full crew to run the ship, and when in dangerous waters the ship has to be manually directed to avoid reefs, sandbars, and to dock properly. The ship’s next coordinates are already set for its next destination, which will put the ship at approximately the location of Flamsterd’s Sunken Tower.

Ethne continues her conversation with Caylinne privately as they return to the ship. The information in the captain’s log is relayed to Ethne with Caylinne standing nearby as well as the discovery of the Maztican slaves below in the hull. Caylinne promises to do her part to get the Maztican slaves safe passage back to their homeland if the party researches the Tower of Flamsterd, since Flamsterd hasn’t been heard from much during the prior weeks and she suspects foul play.

The Scurvy Scorn sets sail on the 23rd. By the 25th, the ship is approaching the location of Flamsterd’s Tower. A dark ship is spotted on the horizon heading westward away from the Scurvy Scorn’s destination.

The ship stops above Flamsterd’s Sunken Tower. The party of four don the Cloaks of the Manta Ray and view the air dome-covered village and Tower of Flamsterd from above. They float down to the depths and enter the air dome. The village surrounding Flamsterd’s Tower is deserted. There are some signs of struggle and bloodshed within the village. When they arrive at the area near the base of Flamsterd’s Tower, they find that it is guarded by scaly humanoids with long fish tails, webbed and clawed hands, and sharp toothy maws. None of the party can identify these for what they are, sahuagins.

Eleasias 20th, second foray into Kobold Caverns

Ethne and Pale make contact with Dante and Zhosaos at the Adventuring Fiend. Not wasting any time, they decide to make another foray into the kobold caverns in the Llyrath Forest immediately, especially since Pale seems extremely anxious to be finished with this business north of town by the morning of the 22nd.

The four once again meet the half-orc thugs and kobold butchers that forced Ethne and Pale to retreat earlier in the day. This time, though, with greater numbers, they had a resounding victory.

After removing locks and traps from several doors, they are faced with an algae-slicked set of stairs with water runnign down them that have murder hole grates on the vertical portions of the stairs where kobolds beneath the stairs can fire at individuals passing down the stairwell.

Dante takes the fallen corpse of one of the half-orc thugs and uses the body to slide down the stairs. At the base of the stairs, he finds that the far wall of the chamber is also riddled with murder holes where he begins taking on fire from kobolds hidden in an adjoining chamber.

Zhosaos finds a massive boulder in the caverns and rolls it down the stairwell. The boulder crashes into the far wall of the chamber where Dante is holding up, and it smashes the wall into rubble exposing the kobolds on the other side of their murder holes.

The kobolds swarm up over the pile of rubble, but they are no match for the four adventurers who use the rubble pile as a bottleneck to limit the amount of kobolds that they have to fight at one time.

Around several more bends, the group easily dispatches three half-orc thugs.

Further in, they finally find the chamber of the kobold chieftan. When they arrive, he is in conversation with several goblins about the lack of slaves that both groups are able to bring to someone named Kress. As the goblins leave, they sight the adventurers lurking in the hall. The goblins are dispatched, but not before alerting the kobold chieftan, his four bodyguards, two wolves sitting at his feet, and two of the Rundeen half-orc thugs at his side. A long protracted battle ensues with the four adventurers being victorious.

The adventurers carry on with their excavation of the caverns slaying another squad Rundeen human thugs. The remaining survivor of the group is questioned, and the party finds out that the slaves that the group is supposed to be providing are to be handed over to Kress aboard a ship named the Scurvy Scorn on the evening of the 22nd of Eleasias. They slay the thug before moving on and taking out the remaining mob of kobolds within the caverns.

The party returns victorious from the Kobold Caverns late in the evening on the 20th of Eleasias.

They spend the 21st of Eleasias recuperating, selling items, purchasing supplies, and spending some of their hard-earned coins. Pale splits from the party since she has instructions to scout out the exact same ship from the Shadow Thief contact that had placed her in Cantrev Wyngate.

Flashback to Eleasias 18th

Two escaped slaves of the Red Wizards of Thay made a long journey of escape from the lands of Thay over months and months to arrive in port in Cantrev Wyngate on the 18th of Eleasias. Dante, a Rakshasa-blooded tiefling and Zhosaos, an Oread barbarian knew only that they wanted to flee to the furthest corner of Faerun to avoid further entanglement with their prior masters.

Left with little money, they walked the streets of Wyngate with impolite stares from the folk of the city due to their outlandish appearances and questionable heritages. During their first stop in the Dead Hound, Dante was rudely turned away from the inn. They did find a welcome at The Adventuring Fiend from the ex-adventurer half-orc proprietor, Eugadeistophe. Having found welcome, they lavished money upon the half-orc owner in an attempt to provide funds to allow him to fix the place up a bit, since the tavern seemed ill-used. Eugadeistophe responded that they would be welcome to make The Adventuring Fiend their home for a season.

The pair began asking around about potential adventuring opportunities to bring in much-needed funds and to begin building new lives for themselves. Two days of advertising their desires for adventuring, along with drinking and carousing, had them crossing paths with Ethne and Pale on the 20th of Eleasias.

Eleasias 20th through 21st

The three adventurers depart the kobold caverns back to the safety of Cantrev Wyngate. The ship, Grief of the Deceipt, is pulling up anchor in the morning. Casnus had been told by others that the Moonshae Isles were a magical land filled with fey, which was what had drawn him to the islands to begin with. Having only found a forest overrun with kobolds, he has decided that he wants to take the escort job back to Athkatla on the mainland. He has had enough of The Moonshaes.

Maddock is torn. The Moonshaes are his homeland, and he feels that Tempus is guiding him to build a temple in Cantrev Wyngate to honor the god of battle glory, and to convert Ffolk followers of The Earthmother (aspect of Chauntea) to his worship. On the other hand, he led Casnus to this escort job, and it would provide much-needed capital to fund the building of his Cathedral of Battle Glory.

Ethne is still concerned with the kobolds and their depredations upon her halfling people in the village of Halbrook in the Llyrath Forest. Ethne is staying behind to continue the fight to exterminate the kobolds.

Maddock flips a coin to decide whether or not he goes with Casnus or Ethne. He decides to take the escort job with Casnus.

Maddock spends the rest of the day securing land and contracts to begin the construction of his future temple, while Casnus makes contact with a mysterious handler to take on the guard duties aboard the Grief of the Deceipt.

Ethne, suddenly without companions to aid her in exterminating the kobolds, spends a lot of time in the taverns and inns of Cantrev Wyngate advertising her interest in finding adventuring companions to continue her work in the Llyrath Forest.

Ethne makes contact with a stranger from Amn named Pale in the Clumsy Ogre Tap House. They set out for a foray into the kobold caverns. The two are immediately overwhelmed by a group of half-orc Rundeen thugs and several kobold butchers in the caverns, so they beat a hasty retreat back to Cantrev Wyngate in search of additional companions to aid with their cause.

Pale has additional concerns as she has been contracted by a contact within the Shadow Thieves to scout out a ship that is to due in to Cantrev Wyngate on the 22nd of Eleasias and to report her findings back to a contact that is to meet her later in the month in Wyngate. She has also been instructed that her employers do not care whether or not she has to spill blood upon the decks of the Scurvy Scorn to find out what the ship is all about.

Pale would really like to be done with the kobold diversion by the time the Scurvy Scorn pulls in to port on the 22nd.

Maddock concludes that his temple will be completed in 56 days. The round-trip voyage to Athkatla would take 44 days, so that gives him 12 spare days of leeway before he would need to be back in Wyngate to consecrate the temple in honor of Tempus.

Maddock and Casnus set sail on the 21st. Less than half a day out, they pass a massive Calishite galley called the Scurvy Scorn, on its way to Cantrev Wyngate. An additional two days into the voyage, though, their ship is set upon by Northmen raiders who have set up operations in the Castle of Skulls after having exterminated the curse on the castle that caused it to intermittently disappear and reappear. Aboard the Northman longship are contingents of reavers from the Pirate Isles as well as Rundeen functionaries. Casnus, Maddock, and their two newly-found companions that they were hired to guard manage to hide aboard the ship until it pulls in to dock at the Castle of Skulls. The pirates have taken Grief of the Deceipt as one of their own ships. The four companions leave Grief of the Deceipt and begin lurking about the fringes of the Castle of Skulls.

Eleasias 18th to 20th

Casnus Feltch and Ethne crept past the entrance to a chamber full of many kobolds on their way to verify whether or not Maddock MacClelland was dead or alive, and if alive, rescue him. The tunnel wrapped around into ankle deep water where the water spilled over an underground waterfall. To the North, the chamber full of kobolds was once again open to the heroes. Once again, dousing their light sources, they crept southward deeper into the caverns without being noticed.

Further south, they ran into a chamber with six kobolds that they dispatched quickly. Around the bend and down a tunnel, they ran afoul of eight half-orc thugs. This was a hard-won fight, but they managed to dispatch them also. They dragged the bodies of the half-orcs back to the chamber where they slew the six kobolds and stacked all of the bodies in a pile. Behind this barricade of bodies, they took an hour-long rest to catch their breath. Among other coins, they discovered two unusual gold coins in the pouches of the half-orcs; a perfectly smooth gold coin with a nail driven through it. Casnus recognized this as the symbol of The Rundeed, merchants from the deep South that are rumored to be slavers.

In a chamber beyond where the half-orcs were stationed, they found a treasure room with all of their prior gear dumped in piles with many other coins and several gemstones of varying values.

Moving onward, they picked their way to the chamber to where Maddock was still being held prisoner. Using the keys that they had stolen off of the prior kobold jailers, Maddock was freed. Maddock healed himself after his hands were free. All three quickly escaped to the cavern entrance to discuss their next steps.

Casnus had little incentive to continue to exterminate kobolds on an island that he had no solid ties to. Ethne still worried about depredations upon the halflings of Halbrook. Maddock could not allow these abominations to continue to live in such close proximity to Cantrev Wyngate, and he felt Tempus beckoned him to slay the kobolds in glorious battle. Casnus was swayed slightly by his friendship to Maddock, the recent finds of treasure, but he still had two days until he and Maddock were going to take the escort job for a ship heading to Athkatla. The three agreed that they had gone this far, and that they should continue on with the extermination work, at least until the 21st of Eleasias.

They agreed to stealthily attack the kobolds in the large cavern. To Maddock, this meant casting Shield of Faith, stepping out into the room, and bellowing a battle cry of Tempus. With their superior gear restored, added experience fighting kobolds, and a bit of luck, they wiped out 16 kobolds.

Following the cavern upward, they took out another five kobolds guarding hundreds of kobold eggs in a hatchery. They continued on to another wing of the chamber to slay 12 more kobolds stationed there before returning to the hatchery to smash all of the kobold eggs.

Bloodied and out of healing magic from Maddock, they spent the evening of the 18th in the corner where they had previously stacked bodies. With nearly this entire wing of the caverns exterminated, they were not bothered during the night.

The morning of the 19th came and they headed back down the tunnels leading toward where the kobold jail was located. They entered a rather well-furnished room and took down three wolves placed there as guard beasts. Also, within this room, they located an enchanted belt that Ethne put on.

Around several more bends, they ran into the human thugs that had taken down Maddock prior to his imprisonment. During this battle, Maddock was forced into unconsciousness by several well-placed blows. The one kobold jailer that had escaped them on their last exit was still with the human Rundeed thugs, but the kobold mostly got in the way of his allies by blocking their access to the player characters at a choke point.

With the thugs dispatched, the party rested near the jail. After resting, they decided that they needed a longer rest and once again slept the night off near the pile of bodies closer to the entrance chamber, even though the bodies were now starting to smell.

The morning of the 20th, they returned to where they had left off near the prison area. They discovered a storage area overrun with venomous giant centipedes. After having Maddock get poisoned and beat up rather well, the centipedes were put down. Within the room, they found a strongly enchanted dagger that Casnus took as his own.

Before leaving the caverns, they once again retrieved the warhammer hanging above the statue dedicated to Kurtulmak. The kobolds considered this a religious icon, and had put it back in their worship chamber. The adventurers are contemplating whether or not they want to continue on fighting this battle or if they want to head back to Cantrev Wyngate to prepare for a departure on the ship Grief of the Deceipt. It is still mid-morning on the 20th of Eleasias.


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